Hong Kong Television Network Limited is a Hong Kong television station has been viewed as the latest of Hong Kong’s competitive entertainment ecology.  So the HKTV series The Election couldn’t come at a better time with the revival of the Occupy Movement.   The Election starts with the 2017 Chief Executive election. Despite the Hong Kong people’s support of Occupy, the city still has restricted democratic elections. While the votes are still being counted, the leading candidate, Wai Man Hin enters an old apartment building to meet with a secret group of people that had orchestrated his election win.  He promises that once he becomes Chief Executive, they will no longer have to be in hiding and can work with him as part of his government. He says that tomorrow will be the beginning of a “new era for Hong Kong,” marked by fairness and equality. They cheer and celebrate Wai’s pending victory.  What happens next, you’ll have to watch the series.

HKTV provides unique “shoppertainment,” meaning it combines both shopping and entertainment platforms into what is aptly called HKTV Mall.   With broadcasting beginning in November 2014, the HKTV has had simultaneous live broadcasting and video on demand.  HKTV is unique in that its network supports personal computers, smart televisions, television boxes, smartphones and tablet computers.  Whether the shows catch on is still yet to be determined