3D printing is the future! With 3D printed, toys, medical technology and even food, it was only a matter of time before the construction industry started buying in.

Chinese company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co are the ones utilizing the technology to build homes with 3D printers.


The company became famous last year in March when they were able to print 10 different one-story, 200 square-meter houses, all of which came from industrial construction waste and a 3D printer. Each unit cost $4800 to make. And they’re in the news again with a brand new 3D-printed five-story apartment building and a 1,100 square meter villa.

The company revealed that the villa cost around $161,000 to build and was created specially for an American real estate company named Tomson Group. Ten sets of the villas have already been ordered.


And before you doubt the integrity of a 3D printed house, the chief engineer of China Construction No.8 Engineering Bureau assured that the structures are in full compliance with national standards. However he did go on to say that “there is no specific national standard for 3D printing architecture, we need to revise and improve such a standard for the future”.


And 3D printing construction materials is apparently very efficient, as it saves between 30-60% of construction waste. It also decreases production time by 50 to 70% and labor costs from 50-80%. And since it’s primarily recycled materials, there’s little need for any other raw materials.

Now imagine in the future when we’ll be seeing 3D printed skyscrapers?

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