Japanese culture is already known for being the producers of those body-sized hugging pillows with anime girls on them. And they’re seen as just a little bit creepy. But this one literally is just bigger.

Japanese mobile video network operator mineo were the ones who thought it would be a great idea to make an anime pillow six meters (19.7 ft) long. Given that the company has it’s hands in the technological industry, most of their customers are young men who also happen to be anime enthusiasts. There’s even a site dedicated for them called Maineo.


Mineo also happen to have their own anime girl mascot who goes by the name of Maineo-tan. And since it was about time to honour their beloved mascot, what better way is there than creating an inflatable hugging pillow with her face on it? And just for the heck of it, make it six meters long and two meters wide.


The company however have decided to give it away to one lucky customer. They even offered to ship and deliver it for free –  but the problem will definitely be getting it inside your house. Not to mention cleaning that thing.

Check out the company’s promotional video for the competition!

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