Think you look good enough to get a free meal? Why not put that to the test at this Korean restaurant in China!

Jeju Island, located in Zhengzhou city, will let you eat for free if you are among the top five most beautiful customers of the day. They even proudly advertise it with a sign saying “Free Meal for Goodlooking”.

And how do they judge the customers? Why a judging panel of local plastic surgeons of course. If a customer thinks they’re good looking enough for a free meal, they get taken to a ‘beauty identification area’ where they get their picture taken. The panel then bases their evaluation on the quality of facial features.


The top five people with good looks who achieve the highest score in 30 minutes are then offered their meal for free. And just to make the winners feel even more vain, they even have their scores publicly displayed in the restaurant.


The restaurant has garnered some attention online with comments like “Do the ugly have to pay twice?”.

The city authorities however weren’t too pleased with this little gimmick and accused the restaurant of degrading the city’s image. Apparently there was no official permission for the contest either.

Though the city ended up removing the establishment’s giant sign, the restaurant manager implied that the promotion hadn’t ended.

So think you look good enough for a free meal?

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