Everyone knows that breakfast is delicious. Some fast food restaurants and school cafeterias even offer a “breakfast all day” menu, where one can order pancakes, waffles, and eggs whatever the time of day. “Pajeon” (파전), a Korean style pancake is much, much bigger than the usual pancake but is just as delicious. It is made up of pancake batter, green vegetables, any cut meat like pork, beef, or seafood, and green onions that give it its distinct colour. Pajeon is pan-fried, can be made spicy and is often served with soy sauce. In blogs, I’ve seen it served pizza style like this:


Or divided more neatly like this:



An interesting fact about pajeon is that Koreans tend to eat it alongside makgeolli, milky Korean white rice wine, on rainy days. There are many theories to this, as listed by Crazy Korean Cooking:

1. The sound of rain reminds people of the sound of making Pajeon.

2. When humidity increases, blood sugar level drops and people crave flour-based food that increases blood sugar level.

3. Makgeolli is usually paired with Pajeon. It’s low in alcohol content (6%). It contains protein and vitamin B and has a sour kick to it. These characteristics make you feel like your thirst is quenched.

4. Both flour and Makgeolli contain lots of serotonin which elevates emotion and appetite. This may cheer people up when they feel down on rainy days.


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