Well, the holidays have now come and gone, and surely, we’ve all had a plentiful amount of feasting over the last couple weeks. But do you still have a bit more room for some sugary delight? Because here’s a treat for you! We’re once again getting together with our friends at Oyatsu Cafe to give away another one of their sweet and tasty box of Japanese treats! You may remember our previous giveaway of OyatsuBox snacks, and since they offer so many goodies, we thought we could provide some post-Xmas cheer.

This gift box has a great selection of both sweet and savoury from chewy candies to chili potato chips and includes popular snacks like MeltyKiss chocolates and Lifeguard candy. Plus there’s an extra toy in this gift box that can’t be found anywhere else. Bonus! Keep reading and find out below how you can enter for your chance to win this amazing package!

So what can you expect to sink your teeth into?

Hi-Chew – Mikan Orange

You may have seen Hi-Chew candies in Asian snack shops outside of Japan, but this gift box includes a Japan-only version made with the sweet flavor of Mikan oranges. It’s a bit more chewy than the other candies in the box, so it takes a little patience to get through each piece, but it’s totally worth it.


Poifull – Fruit Jelly Beans

Poifull Jellybeans come in grape, apple, lemon and peach. Unlike other jellybeans, there aren’t any mystery flavours here to leave a bad aftertaste or ruin your day. This Japanese take on jellybeans also comes in a cool resealable dispenser box to keep those beans fresh.


Lifeguard Soft Candy

Lifeguard is one of the most popular energy drinks in Japan so it’s fitting to pack that great taste into a handy chewy candy. I’ve never tried this energy drink myself, but if it’s anything like the candy, I’m sure I would enjoy it.


Caplicot Strawberry

This is for fans of chocolate and strawberry! Caplicot Strawberry are fluffy, bite-sized chocolates with a layer of strawberry coating on top. The sweet smell of strawberry is the first thing you smell each time you open the package. And the container inside the package is perfect to keep the shape and freshness of each piece of chocolate.


Taiko Drum Gummies

A gummy candy made for the hit Japanese game, Taiko Drum Master – a game found in every arcade in Japan! These cute little treats are shaped like Taiko Drums and other characters from the series. So whether you like it for the taste, or for the characters in the game, you’re sure to have a good time snacking on this.


Gochi Ramune Gummies

Gochi are big, chewy candies with the great taste of Ramune (Japanese Lemonade)… and these mouth-wateringly delicious gummies are highly addictive. You may find yourself chewing on two or three pieces at the same time. I know I did.


Kracie Takoyaki Candy Kit

DIY candy? That’s right! Make your own candy Takoyaki! All ingredients and picture instructions are supplied to create some awesome gummy Takoyaki here. This is super simple to make, fun to do with family and friends, and the results are delicious.


JOO-C Cola

Joo-C Cola are little round discs made from a tasty hard sherbet. Just place the candy on your tongue and let it slowly melt in your mouth. It’s the best way to savour the great cola taste in each little disc. But the truly best part: the smell of cola that literally burst out of the tube each time you pop off the cap.


Calbee Hot Chili Potato Chips

It’s not all sweet and sugary. Calbee’s Hot Chili potato chips is a perfect snack to add a bit of variety to this gift box. Recently voted the most popular chips in Japan, it also ranked amongst the top Japanese snacks for many weeks! This is not mouth-scorchingly hot, but has just enough spice to keep it spicy yet flavourful with that great chili taste.


Meltykiss Chocolate

Meltykiss is the perfect name. These melt-in-your-mouth bite-size chocolate are rich, but not overly sweet. This is my personal favourite in this gift box, and you may find yourself over-indulging on these miniature delights as well. But who cares, they’re so good! Hugely popular in Japan, Meiji only releases these for a few weeks during the winter season.



This is the first time Oyatsu Café is including a gashapon toy in its OyatsuBox deliveries! Gashapon are toys that you can buy from machines all over Japan and these high-quality toys and accessories are found nowhere else in the world. A wonderful added touch to this box of goodies. It’s like a gift within a gift!


So, is your mouth watering?


  • Just head over to AX3’s Instagram, follow us, and find the contest post.
  • Tell us what your fave Japanese snack is (not necessarily in this box) and tag one of your IG friends in your comment.
  • And that’s it! One lucky winner will be chosen on Thursday, January 15th at 12pm PST.
  • One entry per person. No purchase necessary.

And don’t forget to check out Oyatsu Café and OyatsuBox for more awesome Japanese snacks. They offer the easiest way to purchase a wide selection of Japanese food, snacks, and drinks online from wherever you are! To find out more and to see all the treats they have to offer, visit oyatsucafe.com and oyatsubox.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!