For many people, the holidays are an opportunity to gather, give gifts, watch the snow fall, and eat. With the fact that Christmas is celebrated differently all at varying degrees around the world, there are bound to be new ways of celebration. Typically Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day (which many non-Christians have joked about as a Chinese order take out day). Eight treasure ducks are one of the most famous dishes from Shanghai saved for special occasions in the holidays, also symbolising good luck.

8 Treasure Duck-3

Eight treasure duck (八宝鸭 ) is quoted to be the “Chinese version of the stuffed turkey” and the Chinese Christmas goose. This dish so grand it requires at least 2 days of preparation. Like a turkey, it is stuffed with all sorts of “treasures” like rice, diced meat, herbs, vegetables, sauces and wine after being marinated, steamed and fried. 


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