Zhang Zilin 19

She is not to be confused with the more famous but much shorter Zhang Ziyi (章子怡). Although their names sound similar, the two give off very different vibes, and the one I am referring to is only starting her acting career now.

Zhang Zilin (張梓琳) is most commonly known as Miss World 2007. She is the first to win the competition with an East Asian origin. As if that is not enough, her height is at a stunning 5’11, which means she towers over most people in China with limited exceptions like b-ballers Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin.

Perhaps due to her height, she has been active in athletics since the age of 8 even during university. She took a chance in 2003 by participating in her first ever pageant. It turned out to be very rewarding as she advanced her career into the modelling world and taking the ultimate crown that represents beauty, elegance and pose when she won Miss World 2007.

Now, she has her eye on the acting world. In 2011, she made her debut in The Underdog Knight 2 (硬漢2). Now, she is in full swing having appearances in 4 movies this year including Donnie Yen‘s CG fulled Monkey King (西游記之大鬧天宮). In which, she portrayed Nuwa the goddess who created the world. Her latest appear is in the newly released Meet Miss Anxiety (我的早更女友) where she plays a supporting role for Zhou Xun and Tong Dawei.

Expect to see her more often on the big screen.

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