Is that the dragon himself? Better do a double take here. But this guy totally looks like the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee!

Abulfazi Abbas Shakoory, a 20-year old from Kabul who calls himself “Bruce Hazara”, has always admired Bruce Lee and has practiced various types of martial arts since childhood. He has become somewhat of an online celebrity after posting videos of his stunts to social media sites.


Shakoory’s goal was to master the famous moves of Bruce’s style and began practicing WuShu. And it just so happened that the guy resembled Lee and combined with the distinct bowl haircut, you would think he’s the real deal.

The Afghan Bruce Lee even donned the same outfits that the actor wore in his movies, even mimicking the stances and iconic noises. It took a lot of research watching movies and reading books about Lee, but you can see that his training paid off in his videos.


And if you think he’s just trying to be a copycat and not taking martial arts seriously, he’s ranked top in a recent Wushu tournament held in Kabul. And he does have the ambition of becoming a sportsman and champion for Afghanistan!



Check out his videos below!