Know how some guys say they’d walk a billion miles to be with the girl they love? Well this guy pretty much did that to propose in the most epic way possible with using a GPS.

Yasushi Takahashi is the man in love who spent 6 months trekking around Japan and recorded his path with a GPS. He had the ingenious idea of walking in a path to spell “Marry Me” across Japan and even signed off with a heart with an arrow through it.

The trek began from Hokkaido island to Hyodo Cliff in the Kyushu island. Some of his experiences include eating fresh seafood, trekking through rough roads, climbing Mt. Fuji and visiting hot springs.

Yasushi also documented his travels throughout the journey and produced a 7 minute documentary. His feat has even given him a Guinness Record for the world’s biggest GPS drawing at 7,164 kilometres long.

Check out one of his video below!

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