Della (丁噹), nicknamed the “Queen of Ballards”, visited a grand total of 10 major cities for her One in a Thousand World Tour, including Los Angeles, San Jose, Atlantic City, Toronto, and more. Her final stop, lucky for the fans here in BC, was at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre earlier this week.

Della opened the night with the popular “可以不可以” (Yes or No), following with ”花火” (Fireworks), the original of which also featured阿信 (Ah Shin) of 五月天 (MayDay). Of course, she also showed off her powerful vocals with ”我是一隻小小鳥” (I’m a Little Bird), inviting the audience to sing with her.

Four short video clips played intermittently carried the theme of the night, featuring a girl’s journey through love, relationship, and heartbreak, allowing the audience to feel both the happiness and sadness of a love story. Della encouraged the audience to laugh, cry, or sing during the night, as she believed each of us has our own story to reflect upon.

Her melodic voice brought the audience back into the storylines of some of the most popular Taiwanese TV drama series. Della’s most memorable OST were performed, including ”不是你的錯” (It’s Not Your Fault), from “真愛找麻煩”, ”身不由己” (Lose Myself) from “步步驚情”, and
“手掌心” (Heart of Palm) from “蘭陵王”.The crowd definitely enjoyed reminiscing through the short clips of each drama shown on screen.

Halfway through the night, Della amped up the atmosphere inside the theatre with a heart-pumping performance of “野獸” (Beast), and “自由” (Freedom). With the crowd on their feet, she introduced her guest performer 家家 (Jia Jia) with the dynamic “三天三夜” (Three Days, Three Nights). Her guest performer also charmed the audience with a song of her own, “命運” (Fate)
Della herself played a little game with Vancouver’s crowd, explaining her reason as to encourage men in relationships to be more expressive in their love for their female partner. Throughout her performance of ”平凡相依” (Normal Dependence), the cameraman would zoom into couples in the crowd… a live Kiss Cam! This definitely caused great excitement and anticipation in the crowd. Who knows who will be on camera next!?

Finishing off the incredible concert with her famous hits “洋蔥” (Onion), and, “我愛他” (I Love Him), Della departed the stage. Yet, the crowd had not gotten enough of Della and her beautiful voice. To the chant of “Encore”, Della returned once again to the stage to serenade us again.

Reflecting her past as a lonely, struggling artist alone in the city of Taipei, Della finally concluded her concert with a touching performance of “離家出走” (Leaving Home).

Della’s powerful vocals were truly a treat for the ears of her audience – the crowd marveled at her incredible voice and how easy she made it seem. As it was the last stop of her world tour, Della was also unabashed in expressing her gratefulness to her fans in Vancouver, and across the world. All in all, a fantastic night.

We – fans in Vancouver –have been so lucky to have heard her amazing voice here in Vancouver, and hope she returns again soon!

Special thanks goes to Asian-Canadian Special Events Association for inviting us to enjoy Della’s wonderful performance.

To see more photos of the concert, click here for the full album.