Have you ever heard of a junk food item so coveted, it is sold out everywhere to the point people stock up when they do find it? Well for this week’s Foodie Fridays I will teach you about the magic of Haitai honey butter chips. The chips are apparently salty and sweet made up of acai honey and French butter – a luxury chip indeed. The makers of the chips, Haitai Confectionary Inc., have reportedly made $9.3 million USD from these chips alone, causing their production line to run longer hours to compensate.

The item is so popular, when checking for online sellers 3 bags can cost over $60 when a single bag in Korea retails for $1.50. A recent post on NetizenBuzz reveals “stores have begun putting up signs saying they do not have the chips in stock due to the influx of calls asking about them” and there have been national headlines regarding their popularity. The craziness have hit the point where grabbing a bag of picture lends you picture bragging rights as seen here with some Korean celebrities (of course fans of kpop stars would save up and buy them in batches!):

Broadcaster Park Ji-yoon


JooYoung and Hyolyn


Hello Venus






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Leave your thoughts below if you have ever tried them or would spend up to $50 a bag?