With Vancouver transformed into a winter wonderland by the snow, the cold weather is undeniably limiting our clothing choices to all things warm, thick, and cozy. Have you noticed that nearly everyone is dressed the same during this time of the year? The winter uniform of a toque, gloves, circle scarf, coat, and boots makes everyone look nearly identical. However, if you feel like standing out from the crowd in some way, throw on a few fun accessories! With the right pieces, you can save your outfit from being a boring Betty and bring a little joy into your day.

Check out below for my favourite accessories of late:


Headpiece // H&M

Fur Stole // Topshop

Handchain + Rings // Forever 21


Embellished Toque // Aldo


Ring Chain // Forever 21


Rings // H&M

Images Credit: What Doffy Does

I hope that you gained some inspiration from this post and are finding fun ways to accessorize despite the cold. Enjoy the snow (but perhaps not the ice) and the first week of December!