Just in case you ever wanted a little kick in the morning when you brush your teeth, wasabi flavoured toothpaste is a thing.

This unique toothpaste flavor was developed by Japanese retailer, Village Vanguard. The stuff smells like wasabi, has a similar texture to wasabi and, of course, tastes like real wasabi.  The tube it comes in even looks like actual packaged wasabi.

Despite the initial disgust you may have, wasabi toothpaste would actually be great for clearing your sinuses. And it isn’t just a marketing gimmick. Japanese researchers in 2001 found that real wasabi prevented tooth decay but that it would need something to “mask the pungent taste”.


It’s unlikely that wasabi toothpaste will ever become a norm in dental care, but it could be one of those gag things to buy for pranks. Or using it as a punishment for losing a bet.

Oh and there’s an actual warning on the package from Village Vanguard to not serve it with sashimi. I’d take their advice.

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