Epik High

Things are going really well for Epik High.

South Korea’s most well-known and longest-running hip-hop group has just finished their three-day concert in Seoul, South Korea last weekend. 

Their first concert tour since their comeback in 2012, Epik High are touring in Korea, Japan, and China in November and December. The concert started November 14th in Seoul, then they will perform in Japan and China, and end their tour in Busan, South Korea. 

Apart from their tour, they also won MNET M! Countdown Triple Crown for “Happen Ending (헤픈엔딩)”. Triple Crown is a song that has won number 1 for three consecutive times in M! Countdown’s weekly chart. “Happen Ending” was #1 from October 30th until November 13th.

This video is their last performance of “Happen Ending” with Cho Won Sun (of Rollercoaster) at MNET M! Countdown. 

I recommend you watch their previous performances of this single because they featured Lee Hi, Minzy (of 2NE1), and Younha. It’s interesting to watch the videos because the group gives us something new every time we listen to the song.

And if you’re in Korea, Japan, or China this month till next, you can catch Epik High Parade 2014. 

Epik High Parade 2014