Son Naeun 12

Taking over Airplane Wednesday this week is yet another young and rising Kpop idol. This time, it is the cute and delicate Son Na-Eun of APINK!

Man, time flies. It has already been three years since her debut along with APINK and their debut track “I Don’t Know.” Just like L of Infinite and YoonA of Girl’s Generation, she has the added responsibility of being the visual for group.

Prior to her debut, she was already widely recognized for her gorgeous looks. She was even dubbed “BEAST‘s girl” because of her frequent appearances in their MV’s.

Earlier last year, she had the opportunity to show the world her vibrant and youthful personality in We Got Married. She was paired up with SHINee’s Taemin to form the cutesy TAEUN couple.

Now, she is preparing for APINK’s latest comeback happening in just a few days! Their comeback stage is expected to happen on November 21st, while their 5th mini album Pink LUV is scheduled for November 24th.

While we wait, here is Son Na-Eun and APINK’s latest single “Mr. Chu”:

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