Who would’ve expected a cure for an illness would lie in the excrement of goats and cows? An old lady from the village of Jinshicun apparently did, and the cure must be working because she’s feeling a lot better.

The woman was suffering from cancer and woke up one morning from a dream that told her to mix cow dung and goat droppings together. She then asked her son to fetch as much animal feces possible. Her son, probably a little bit confused at this point, complied.

She then proceeded to dry her big collection of animal feces and crushed them into a fine powder. And of course the next logical step would be to add water and drink the mixture. But something in there must’ve worked because she ‘felt much better’.


The lady hasn’t had any follow-up examinations or visits to the hospital since, but her fellow villagers believed in the power of her poo potion.

Soon there were others who tried the concoction for themselves. Xian Li, a 40-year old resident of the village, was suffering from a gynaecological ailment tried the mixture and reportedly felt better after it too.

Doctors warned that though in ancient times cow and goat excrement was used to flush out heat and toxins, they run the risk of bacterial infection and parasites if not treated properly.

But you never know, maybe the number one cure for cancer and other diseases could be a tea made of animal “number two”.

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