When you are a shopaholic, it’s the best feeling in the world when you know you’ve bought something actually worth buying, as opposed to a impulsive purchase that will be quickly relegated to the dark, lonely confines of your closet. While autumn is clearly present and winter is well on its merry way, the darker and colder days don’t mean that you need to abandon the bright side of things. During the past few seasons, the hottest shade has been a rather cold one: powder blue. This soft, subtle colour can be a surprisingly versatile staple; you can find something powder blue with which to dress yourself from head to toe. I myself have bought a pair of shoes in this colour and have obtained numerous compliments on them (even from the most fashion-oblivious males)!

Look below for some blogger inspiration for how to use those baby blues to your best advantage:


Image Credit: Her Waise Choice

No one ever said that a bright pop of colour had to be the first thing you see– add some visual intrigue by putting on a vibrant pair of heels with an otherwise neutral outfit.


Image Credit: Alicia Fashionista

Light, bright, and breezy: this coat is everything you need for a fresh and incredibly fashionable slant on fall style.

blue_resize 4

Image Credit: StylizedLuxe

This ensemble screams the three S’s of sleek, sophisticated, and structured; to resurrect those summery skirts from the back of your closets, pair them with fall staples such as a modern gilet or oversized coat.

What is your favourite look or item for this chic trend? If you wish to be hitting more than just the powder on the ski slopes this winter, why not head into your favourite store and seek out some powder blue action there?