Next time you go for a nice, steaming hot bowl of noodles in China, it may not be the MSG you should be worried about. You never know when there might be other drugs in your food.

In a scheme to get his customers hooked on his noodles, restaurant owner in China decided to lace his noodles with parts of a poppy plant (which opium is made from).

When he was found out and questioned by the local police, he confessed to purchasing 600 yuan (approximately $100) worth of poppy shells as a secret ingredient for his food.

The scheme was discovered when Liu Juyou, a young customer who tested positive for opiates during a routine urine test with an anti-drunk-driving program. Despite swearing that he hadn’t touch any illegal substances, the police still detained him for 15 days.

Liu retraced his steps and wondered if it was something he recently ate, and asked his family members to eat at the various restaurants he visited and test their urine too.

Sure enough, they tested positive for opiates as well and informed the authorities of their discovery. Upon investigation, the police apprehended and detained the restaurant owner for 10 days, during which he confessed to the crime.

According to an anti-narcotics police agent, ingesting the chemicals from the poppy could build up in the body and could eventually have an addictive effect.

But even with the restaurant owner’s confession, Liu was still in trouble with the cops. The reason? The police said their priority was to detect drugs and punish drug users. Yeah, that seems logical.


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