As if SM Entertainment scandals hasn’t been enough this year, with Kris of EXO pulling a Han Kyung due to an alleged mistreatment involving the company, it appears like SM has decided to kick out one of its most popular idols from South Korea’s most iconic girl group. Jessica Jung, now an ex-member of Girl’s Generation, expressed her frustration by posting on her Weibo account:


It seems that prior to this, Jessica was involved in a dispute with SM entertainment; over the direction of her future activities and priorities. Jessica was in the process of starting a fashion line, as well rumored having plans to settle with her boyfriend Tyler Kwon. Perhaps the conflict in individual activities that Jessica was undertaking led to this result. Not surprisingly, many fans of K-Pop are devastated and shocked at the sudden development.

For now, Jessica seems to have taken music to a backseat as she prepares to launch her new fashion line. As for Girl’s Generation, we will be seeing the rest of the 8 members as they will continue performing as a group.

Who knows – maybe this petition started in singapore to keep our ‘ice princess’ will bring her back!