Forget bike lanes, Chongqing city in China is already addressing the concern of smartphone addiction with the installation of special lanes alongside streets for pedestrians who simply can’t put down their phones.

The lane was installed in a tourist hot-spot in Chongqing called Foreigner Street, with the intention of reducing collisions. The path is divided into two labelled halves – one saying “cellphones, walk at your own risk” and the other saying “no cell phones”.

A spokesperson for the district’s property management company stated:

There are lots of elderly people and children in our street, and walking with your cell phone may cause unnecessary collisions here.

The spokesperson also hinted that the whole idea was for satire, and it was just meant to highlight the dangers of texting and walking.

Though the idea does sound good on paper, and it has created awareness for texting and walking, many people aren’t following the guidelines. It is however becoming a tourist attraction, with many people stopping to take pictures.

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