Noughts and Exes

I’m always on the lookout for indie artists in Asia.

I was on the Internet when I came across Noughts and Exes. I listened to a couple songs and I got hooked. Their sound was exactly what I was looking for: indie, folk, and rock.

What makes this Hong Kong-based band interesting is that the six members come from different backgrounds and cultures: Alex Bedwell (drums, vocals, percussion) and Alix Farquhar (vocals, glockenspiel, percussion) are from U.K., Winnie ‘Wizza’ Lau (bass) and Winnie ‘Bago’ Lau (violin) are from Hong Kong, and Gideon So (keyboards, vocals, glockenspiel) and Joshua Wong (vocals, guitar) were born in Canada and Australia, respectively. (Unfortunately, the two Winnies had to leave the band to pursue their other goals in life. They performed their farewell concert in June this year.)

Despite the lineup changes, the band has become stronger since they released Act One, Scene One in 2007. In 2012, the band launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their third album. It was a success, earning 2,000 USD more than their 10,000 USD goal.

“Hearts” is one of their singles from their third self-titled album, Noughts and Exes. Released in September 2013, the third album sounds more rock compared to their two previous albums.

I listened to “Hearts” a few times because I couldn’t find that ‘spark’. So I watched their flash mob in HK Times Square and finally understood the band’s appeal. Watch the video below to see why. Take note of the artists and the audience and their nuances—this video is a preview of what the Hong Kong music scene has to offer.

Now that I’ve been introduced to Noughts and Exes, I’m looking forward to discover new artists in the Hong Kong indie music scene.