On September 4th 2014. Fairchild Television, in collaboration with TVB hosted the annual Fairchild Fans Party 2014. Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) were the honorable guest that came all the way from Hong Kong to connect with their fans here in Vancouver.

Fred, who was a local Vancouverite that went back to Hong Kong to develop his entertainment career, was the first to emerge on stage. Fred performed 2 of his well known singles 無名氏 and 熊貓 to the delight of his fans and also gave the crowd a first taste of his new song, 地方 which has yet to be debuted. This performance must have been a memorable one for Fred as in attendance were many of his family members that he had always hoped to perform in front of.

Next to take the stage was Edwin who brought the crowd to their feet as he showcased his soccer skills by kicking autographed soccer balls into the crowd. Also an established singer in the past, Edwin performed Jacky Cheung’s 真情流露, and the 2 theme songs from the popular TVB drama 當旺爸爸 and 巨輪.

Last but not least was the charismatic Lawrence who was greeted with loud applause and cheers. Known to many as Doctor Qing (due to his role in an old TVB drama), Lawrence surprised the crowd with his vocals as he performed 3 classics; 一生中最愛, 愛的根源 and愛很簡單.

For those that were unable to make the Fan Party, Fairchild Television will be airing the show on their channel on Sunday September 13th at 8:00pm so don’t miss out!

Thank you again to Fairchild Television for the invitation