We’ve covered quite a few places in Asia that have a thing for the male genitalia, and South Korean restaurant Deulmusae is taking it to the next level with their phallic decor and souvenirs.

The restaurant, located away on an obscure country road in Pocheon, is pretty easy to find if you’re on the road from Seoul. With a very distinct trail of ceramic penises showing you the way to the two-story restaurant and cafe.

According to Huffington Post, the restaurant opened in 1996 and wasn’t initially so dedicated to male private parts. It was a Buddhist monk who noted that the establishment had far too much female presence/cold energy (yin). So to balance out the energy in the area, the owner decided to erect phallic imagery into the restaurant’s ceramic items, making the restaurant a unique attraction.

And the artisan who crafted all of these ceramics deserves a round of applause. I mean, look at that attention to detail! The pictures obviously are a bit graphic, but if you want to see them, check out the gallery  below!

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