When you think of old men exercising in parks, you think of slow paced walks or maybe tai chi. But not repeatedly hitting themselves in the crotch with blunt, heavy objects. Zhou Chengli, a retired railway worker, is essentially the definition of balls of steel.

Zhou claims to be a practitioner of the ancient art of “iron crotch qigong”, a very rare and difficult discipline of Shaolin kung fu. The practice means everyday you’d have to take severe blows to the groin. Once mastered, it is believed to make a man invincible on the battlefield.

Zhou apparently auditioned for China’s Got Talent a few years ago, but the judges couldn’t take his act as it was too painful to watch.

Daoists believe that when a man’s genitals are strong, he himself is also strong. The iron crotch qigong is said to have certain benefits, such as strengthening your immune system, increased energy levels and even enhances your potency. But men, before you can even attempt to lift weights with your manhood, you need to first master the technique of using your mind to send blood and qi to a particular point of your body.

Zhou enjoys demonstrating his technique in public and often trains at a park to share his knowledge with other men. “I’m hoping that by teaching this method, I can bring health to others”. Well maybe iron crotch qigong does bring benefits, but would you be able to withstand the process of getting to that point?

Check out the video below for a demonstration of his technique!

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