In 2008, China was the first country to label internet addiction as a clinical disorder. A film that touches on technology and its effect on youth, Web Junkie depicts an internet addiction rehabilitation centre, where patients are treated with therapy and military drills for their “addiction.  These “old-school tactics” are used to address a very 21st-century problem and none are too successful.   The group therapy sessions we see between children and parents seem a genuine if sometimes clunky attempt at bridge building.  This poignant film illustrates the intersection of addictions treatment in China, the growth of online gaming, and the problems faced by tech savvy youth growing up in a highly charged digital world. festivals-feature Web Junkie will be screening at Cinevolution’s Your Kontinent Festival on July 25 at the Richmond Cultural Centre’s Performance Hall (7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond BC, Canada). Source: 1