Taking selfies. Vain? Maybe. Trending? Absolutely. Love it or hate it, the era of selfies has landed it and it isn’t going away. Just ask Oxford, which added the word “Selfie” to its online dictionary last summer, or hear it from The Chainsmokers in their latest song.

Enter the Selfie Guru — no this isn’t literally a guru by any stretch of imagination. The Selfie Guru, essentially a monopod for your smartphone and camera, is a product designed to remove the limitations of taking selfies by providing added photographic range to work your photo magic. As one can imagine, taking better selfies is a clear selling point. The concept has already taken off in Asia, and the folks behind the Selfie Guru, aka “selfie stick”, are hoping that it will find the same traction in Vancouver as well.


Over here at AX3, we were able to get our hands on a few selfie sticks ourselves, and after playing around with it some, we had some thoughts to share on some potential uses for it. Granted, some of us aren’t huge selfie takers ourselves, but rest assured we did not let the fact that it was built for selfies hold back what this little guy was really born to do.

So what did we find? Turns out the little guy is loaded with quite the nifty uses built-in:

  1. Take top down food shots
    Trying to take that perfect shot of food like on restaurant menus? Now you can by holding the selfie stick upwards and bending your camera downwards — you will have the absolute best angle to take the perfect top down food shot, all from the comfort of your seat. IMG-20140705-WA003
  2. Take follow me shots
    Ever wanted to know how sexy your back looks? Or simply, you just want to show your friends where you’ve been without really taking a full frontal selfie? Just extend and reach behind with the camera turned to you — now you’ve just turned your photo into what has been aptly called, the “follow me” shot.DSC01350
  3. Take large group shots
    Out with a large group of beautiful people but don’t want to leave that poor man (or lady) out of the event defining group picture? Extend, elevate, and turn the camera towards you, and never leave a man or lady behind again. Have an epicly large group out? Attach two sticks and repeat, though do try with extreme caution. IMG-20140703-WA000
  4. Take Crowd shots
    At the night market, amusement park, or just Asia in general? Get the best crowd shot wherever you go by holding your selfie stick up high and snapping some elevated shots.IMG-20140706-WA0001IMG-20140705-WA000
  5. Scratch your back
    Admit it, we all get an itch, there’s no shame to it. Instead of doing it yourself or awkwardly asking your closest mate for a favour, let the selfie stick help you. Extend, reach back, and scratch. Things will never be the same again.DSC01365
  6. Provide concealed self defense
    Riding a night bus back or simply travelling to an area of town you’ve heard “stories” about? Rest assured, with the selfie stick, you are now armed and dangerous — fully extended, you can get a pretty good swing out of this little guy. Tiger Wood and his ex-wife would approve. You will be untouchable. P1010377

Clearly, there’s more to the selfie stick than meets the eye. For a product that grew out of a market demand for selfie products, this little guy is truly more utilitarian than we expected: from photography to self defense, you name it, it probably does it.

Would we dare say it’s a necessity for your daily photography needs? Maybe. But for someone who is reading this list and checking off every list item saying, “YES, I can see myself doing that”, then you probably want consider to heading over to The Selfie Guru website and ordering one yourself.

Do you have a selfie stick? Know of creative uses for it that we haven’t thought of? Feel free to share them below, or post photos you’ve taken with it on Instagram with The Selfie Guru’s hashtag: #ShortArmsNoMore.

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Check out the full photo set of the selfie stick below:
P1010372 P1010389 P1010382 P1010395P1010393