Taiwan really surprises me sometimes.

I haven’t seen a lot of Taiwanese dramas compared to Korean and Japanese dramas, so when I started watching Love Myself or You/ Pleasantly Surprised/ 喜歡. 一個人, I was pleasantly surprised (pardon the pun!).

It’s a fluffy and light romance drama, just perfect for summer. Just like the drama’s opening song, A Nobody and the Princess/ 小人物大公主 by Ian Chen. His lovely voice and sweet lyrics complements the theme of the show and the characters.

Ian Chen, or Chén Jiàn Níng (陳建寧), is the producer and keyboardist of F.I.R. (飛兒樂團), a pop rock band in Taiwan that rose to fame in 2004. F.I.R. stands for Faye, Ian, and Real, the names of all three members. The song doesn’t get old everytime I hear it play in the opening.

Listen to the song below and let me know what you think—either about the song or the drama.