When Bosco Wong appears on your television, you’ll know it is him when you need help to unglue your eyes from the screen. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Not to mention, he is one of the few people who can look good on a driver’s license ID (aka without a 45 degree selca-angle). This 33-year old Hong Kong actor and singer’s entertainment career began in 1998, when he was modeling and doing commercials. Not only is he a well-known actor, but he’s released many successful albums over the years.


You can all me Ah Fei if you like! Also… I bet you can’t name all the TVB shows I’ve been in. In fact, I’ve done 13 television series in the past four years!

He then went on to lead many well-watched Hong Kong TVB productions. Bosco’s long high-profile relationship with actress Myolie Wu ended in 2012, after eight years. Bosco shows his talent for portraying a myriad of roles. He plays a police officer in “Witness Security” and a famous Chinese detective of the Tang dynasty in “Young Detective Dee”. Bosco has won lots of popularity awards throughout his years at TVB, and has won many for the series “Witness Security” in 2012.