Cinevolution returns this coming July for its 7th annual Your Kontinent: Film and Media Arts Festival (or #YK2014).   The festival reflects Cinevolution’s vision of an integrated, socially cohesive society which not only accepts, but embraces, difference.  Cinevolution is a non-profit organization run by an eclectic group of artists, filmmakers, and community activists who share a passion for media arts, critical discourse and intercultural exchange.  Since 2007, this organization has been leading innovative programs and workshops that increase media literacy, raise social awareness and empower diverse communities to share their own stories with the world.

Each year, the Your Kontinent Festival presents a compelling collection of film and media art works that challenge our perceptions of reality and illuminate the interconnectedness of the world. Featuring over 30 local and international films, more than 100 multidisciplinary artists, and the newest, most cutting-edge digital media experiments, this year’s Your Kontinent Festival takes audiences on a whirlwind tour of great films and artists.  Here are our top picks of films in the upcoming weeks ahead.


  • High Tech, Low Life –  This intimate film demonstrates how technology can be used to amplify voices of China
  • Spirited Away – From renowned animator Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, this award-winning animated fantasy became the highest grossing film in Japanese history, and was released in North America to critical acclaim.
  • Fly Me to Minami – Recognized as the “Cinema Drifter,” Osaka based Chinese-Malaysian filmmaker Lim Kah Wai is known for his trans-national nomadic lifestyle and filmmaking.
  • Scenes from Formosa – Night of visual journeys through Taiwan, showcasing the island’s filmmaking and photographic talents.
  • English Vinglish – The story of Shashi, a woman who does not know English, and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.
  • The Road to Fame – Following the lives of five students in China’s top drama academy, this film tells a unique coming-of-age story as it shows them compete for roles, struggle with family pressures, and prepare to debut in show business.
  • Web Junkie – This touching film illustrates the intersection of addictions treatment in China, the growth of online gaming, and the problems faced by tech savvy youth growing up in a highly digital world.
  • Instant Mommy – Bechayda goes to extreme lengths as she hatches a plan to keep her long distance Japanese lover, Kaoru, while simultaneously trying to fulfill her dreams of a better life.
  • Red Obsession – A film about power, money and economics bottled with tradition and integrity, Red Obsession depicts the wine market and its shift away from its European home to Chinese shores.
  • Technotise – Edit i ja – Belgrade 2074. Edit, a psychology student, has failed the same exam for the sixth time. Fed up and desperate, she decides to buy a black market microchip which would enhance her IQ, and implants it with help from her friend Herb.
  • Rent a Family – While Ryuichi appears to be an ordinary man living an ordinary life, he has a secret, hidden even from his family.