“What if we could take all the energy we produce through walking and convert it into a renewable energy source?”

That was the thought that lead a 15-year old inventor from the Philippines to creating a shoe that generates electricity, and it’s just what this world needs!

Angelo Casimiro entered his project at the Google Science Fair titled “Electricity Generating Footwear”. His device utilized the force of a person’s footsteps to generate energy directed to a battery attached to a USB outlet, giving it the ability to charge small electronic devices.


By Angelo’s calculations, it takes a person jogging for approximately eight hours would only be able to produce a quarter of energy needed to fully charge an iPhone 5.

Though the amount of energy may seem small, Angelo created the device with the intention of helping those in the Philippines living in poverty – where they may lack sufficient power –  with simple things, such as powering a small flashlight.


After being submitted, Angelo’s invention has been receiving a lot of positive comments and support from the online community to continue his projects. He plans to continue his work and become an engineer in the future. Let’s hope we see this amazing invention go further and change the world for the better!

Check out his video below explaining his shoe:

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