Lindy Tsang, or better known asBubzbeauty” on Youtube, has become a familiar role model for many women. Only in her twenties, Tsang has her own makeup brush line and has inspired millions of people around the world to enhance and embrace their natural beauty. Using the name “Bubzbeauty”, she is known for the cheerful and adorably dorky personality that feels welcoming to even the most apprehensive of viewers. Through her videos, I have learned how to navigate the complex world of makeup and her advice on life is simply the best! Also, for those people who have followed her channel for a while would know that she has a very humorous side as well. Bubbiosity‘ is her comedy skit channel and ‘BubzVlogz‘ is her vlogging channel.


“I gave myself a mission to help people feel more beautiful about themselves, and in return, they ended up making me feel more beautiful than I ever did.” – Lindy Tsang

Tsang grew up in Northern Ireland (she has such a cute accent!) and has since relocated to Hong Kong. Recently, she’s finally tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Tim, and is embarking on the next step in raising a family! So much love and excitement for this girl, who has so much insight to share and continue to inspire us all.

Lindy-Tims-wedding-bubz-beauty-35896823-1024-563 Lindy-Tims-wedding-bubz-beauty-35896825-1024-563

Great videos to start out with!

Tsang is a master of hairstyling, advice, and selfies.

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