Wallace Huo should be a familiar name to fans of Mainland and Taiwanese television. At 35, Huo is one of the few Taiwanese artists who has been highly successful in crossing over to the Mainland entertainment industry. Although he began headlining Taiwanese idol shows, he’s steadily making a name for himself as a serious actor. 2013 was a breakthrough year for Wallace, being as his first time producing a television series, called “Perfect Couple”.

Wallace likes to challenge himself in many types of roles (and wear pretty costumes!):yuyuan2 197168339027512316_8171645d_c


Also, he can make you laugh until your sides hurt… and can deliver lines with subtle emotion that breaks the heart.


Unlike many actors, Wallace has been looking sharper as ever as the baby fat from his face is gone! Also, he is a rarity in that he actually looks good in both historical costumes, modern wear, and republican era. That’s a huge feat! Not anybody can be aesthetically pleasing in hair perched on top of the head wearing colorful dresses… while at the same time rock a suit.

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Many of his popular works this past decade have been – At the Dolphin Bay, 100% Señorita, Tian Xia Di Yi, and the sequel of Chinese Paladin.

Clip from 2004’s Sound of Colors with Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin:

To get to know him a bit better, here’s a recent show he did to promote Perfect Couple: