Fresh from Lara’s mini-concert hosted at the University of Washington, I thought it would be appropriate to feature this much-adored Taiwanese pop vocalist. Lara Veronin, or better known as LARA Liang (梁心頤), is a Taiwanese artist known for her beautiful, sweet vocals. Lara’s childhood experiences of having to move between Taiwan and California sets her apart from most of the Taiwanese music artists. She is of Russian-Taiwanese blood, and fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English, which allows her to sing both languages with ease.

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Among the most listened to Chinese pop, is “Coral Sea“, performed by Lara Liang and Jay Chou. However, Lara has not only collaborated with famous acts like Jay Chou – she’s also released her own solo albums, led the Taiwanese group “Nan Quan Ma Ma” for 5 years, but has also lent her voice to many famous TV series and films. Since May of 2013, Lara and her sister Esther have been working on a rad Taiwanese web-film project called Taipei As We Know It, be sure to check out their series!

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I fondly recall Lara’s adorable and memorable “Come a Little Closer” for the 2005 Taiwanese-hit, It Started With A Kiss. Even today, it is still a oldie but goodie in my book.

Here is the classic song “Coral Sea”. You’ll find this ubiquitous song played at karaoke and anywhere there is an Asian crowd (along with “Bu De Bu Ai”, another famous C-pop duet)

Here’s another good one! Lara’s “Afraid to Cry” was recorded in 2012 for her lead role in TV drama, Alice in Wonder City:

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