“This week’s feature is one of my all-time favorites! Ariel Lin is a well-known Taiwanese actress whose specialty lies in romantic comedy series. She is such a versatile actress, and so easy on the eyes.

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Inevitably, Lin’s baby face and girl-next-door image brought her much of her early projects. However, with her talent and dedication to honing her craft, Lin went beyond the expectations of most idol actresses.

Ariel Lin, having debuted in her teenage years at a beauty contest (which she entered to afford a computer for her brother), persisted in her studies and went on to major in Korean and Literature at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. Since she knows Korean, she’s also been able to collaborate with members from Super Junior. Lately, she’s the face of a Korean fashion brand with actor Kim Bum. (hot!)

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While Ariel has starred in countless idol series in the past, 2005’s manga-adaption It Started With A Kiss turned her into a household name. There, she portrayed the lovable and dumb Xiang Qin whose persistence in love won over hearts in Taiwan and in the Mainland. Ariel collaborated with Bolin Chen in 2011, with a huge Taiwanese hit series In Time With You. Here, she successfully sheds her cute image and portrays a flawed, sharp-tongued working lady. My personal favorite was her role as the clever Huang Rong in the 2008 remake of a wuxia classic, Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Some Ariel’s TV series that went on to become very popular:

  • It Started With a Kiss (classic Ariel Lin)
  • Legend of the Condor Heroes
  • In Time With You
  • King of Lan Ling


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