Looks like we have a double whammy for today’s Mind-blown Monday!

At AX3, our main goal is to connect the east to the west by bringing the most relevant Asian entertainment news from all around the world to the Asian-American audience. Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing a celebrity who personifies such connection to his very core. He is John Cho.

Born in South Korea but raised in the States, John entered Hollywood at time when Asians were not casted for the most impressive or classy roles. Although some could argue that is still the case, John made the best with what he got and is now a world-class actor.

His road to stardom began with humble roles like the ‘MILF’ guy from the original American Pie movie, the flower delivery guy in Pamela Anderson’s VIP TV show, and the parking valet in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Since then, he progressed to bigger and better roles such as Harold in the Harold & Kumar series and Hikaru Sulu from the Star Trek series.

During our interview, John shared his thoughts on future Harold & Kumar installments, his latest theatrical release That Burning Feeling, and his upcoming small-screen role in ABC’s Selfie. He also provided insight on the ethnic challenges Asians face in the industry, advice to aspiring Asian actors, and confession of his favorite Asian rapper.

Enjoy the latest AX3 Exclusive Interview with John Cho below.