Happy Valentines Day everyone! Err.. well maybe not for the couples in Shanghai that have decided to watch Beijing Love Story today. A group on a message board decided to buy every odd-numbered seat so couples can’t sit together. The leader of this ploy initially wanted to buy out the entire theatre as a nod to all the other singles today. Although he says it’s all in good fun since breaking up with his girlfriend last year.


As a result of China’s one-child policy and preference for males, there are many, many, many single bachelors – in fact, 34 million of them. This has since led to a day dedicated to singles – November 11. (Notice something peculiar about how the two numbers look like two single people?)

Many netizens were in support (even donating money when it went to crowdfunding), but just as many found this act petty. One person wrote, “Such narrow-mindedness, no wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend…” while some will use this opportunity for a blind date. I guess it’s just how you look at things!



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