In one of my favourite movies The Devil Wears Prada, the intimidating yet fabulous Miranda Priestly remarks to an unfortunate underling: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” While that statement and many other quotes from that movie remain ingrained within my mind, I still hold to the non-groundbreaking notion that florals are a lovely way with which to greet the upcoming spring season. Nothing can brighten up one’s day faster than seeing some cheerful flowers on one’s skirt, shirt, or pants!

Take a look below for some quick inspiration:


Image Credit: The Fancy Pants Report

As usual, the San Franciscan blogger Kate shows with easy grace how to wear the trendiest styles without seeming to try at all. In this Valentine’s Day-inspired outfit, she pairs this blouse of abstract flowers with a fresh pair of white pants– the perfect way to show that both spring and love are in the air!


Image Credit: What Doffy Does

In this outfit that I wore for my birthday, I paired a cute daisy print cropped top with a salmon pink chiffon maxi skirt to create a chic outfit in which I could comfortably host my party. Although I will shamelessly admit that I stuffed myself on cake, yogurt parfaits, and appies, I still was able to feel fabulous and at ease in this adorable get-up!


Image Credit: Freshminhtea

Minh Nguyen never fails to bring some enviable drama to her outfit posts and this particular pick was no exception. I especially was intrigued by the subtle floral details mixed into the otherwise minimalist and and solid colours of her ensemble; if you are feeling hesitant about incorporating flower prints into your wardrobe, try to use minute details like this instead!


Image Credit: Wendy’s Lookbook

Lastly, I give you Wendy’s lovely outfit as inspiration to keep holding on until the spring season actually arrives and we can frolic around our respective cities in such a careless (and warm) manner!  Until then, why not take out your summer floral print dresses and layer them over with warm sweaters and thick tights?

As per usual, I hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s Trendy Tuesday and are ready to try out something different than your usual attire. As Miranda Priestly so succinctly said, “By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.” All Miranda sayings aside, I always advocate that you wear something that makes you feel comfortable; however, it’s always nice to shake things up a bit sometimes!