A Japanese company, not happy with already having the most futuristic city in the world, wants to take care of Earth’s climate and energy problems by building solar panels around the Moon’s equator. The solar panels would collect the sun’s energy and beam it back to Earth as microwaves, which we could convert for energy use.

To be clear, this would require building a string of solar panels 11,000 km long and 400 km wide. Furthermore, the report outlining the construction method says, robots will have to be assembled from factories already built on the moon to build all these solar panels.

If any nation can do it’s Japan, right? The company that has proposed this plan is Shimizu, a company that has also brought us other great ideas, such as pyramid cities that can hold tens of millions of people and funky space hotels. While this one seems relatively more practical, scientists, engineers, and finance teams have to crunch the numbers on whether blasting tons of construction equipment and robots to the moon to build solar panels would be actually be a good idea and not just something completely INSANE in the long run.


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