In an effort to appeal to the… otakus (?) Microsoft posted a YouTube video on their Internet Explorer channel introducing IE’s newest mascot, 18 year old Inori Aizawa. She wields some magical girl powers fighting robots in celebration of Anime Festival Asia, which are a string of multiple anime conventions based in Singapore. Like a true computer nerd, she also has a pet cat to keep her company. Self described as “clumsy” and “slow” into a confident young woman she’s already made waves with more than 40,000 likes on her Facebook page. She’s already been cosplayed!




Further probing into her design, I find out she was designed by Collateral Damage Studios after famous expert anime blogger Danny Choo posted a picture of internet browser personifications like Firefox and Chrome. Like any other anime character, her blood type and favourite food are listed. (It’s A-positive and mint ice cream, by the way.)


You can get her search engine here and Windows 7 IE installer here!


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