Last year, Linsanity was honored by the National Basketball Association for his social media domination.  In 2012, the NBA named its first-ever “Social Breakout Player of the Year at the inaugural NBA Social Media Awards.  It was the first time a major professional sports league has specifically honored player achievements and activity in the social realm.   jlin7 has taken the social media world by storm, with his YouTube channel garnering more 331,000 subscribers and more than 1.1 million Twitter followers.  The timing seemed appropriate as Lin’s documentary was just finishing up on the production floor.

Linsanity: the Movie has been three years in the making, when in 2011, director Evan Jackson Leong brought a film crew and started following Jeremy Lin around while he was still at Harvard.  Throughout the ups and downs (and mostly downs), the crew honed in on Linsanity’s emergence until he seemingly became overnight NBA sensation.    Even Leong claims wasn’t sure when he started exactly where the story would end up, but he understood the appeal of Lin from the start.  What started out simply as a series of six minute webisodes following Lin through university and his early days in the NBA’s development league, evolved into a feature-length 88-minute  film that is drawing crowds on the festival circuit, making its premiere to a packed house at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013, followed by a sold-out screening in Hong Kong on Saturday.

On November 8, 7.15pm, at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (2012) premiere, Linsanity will finally arrive in Vancouver.

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