Ever played the Taiko drumming game in Asian arcades? Why not give it a shot in real life to see how it’s done?

AX3 is giving away two tickets for the Osuwa Daiko performance (Monday November 4th), along with a beginner workshop to experience the art yourself (Sunday November 3rd).

The performance will showcase the art passed down since its emergence from festivals and religious drumming.

Japanese Taiko ensemble drumming is a traditional art form characterized by several players on different types of drums. The combination of precision playing, variations in dynamics and instruments really is something to admire.

Taiko drumming is an activity brimming with energy that Vancouverites have come to enjoy. The first Taiko group in Vancouver was formed in 1979 and has been gaining popularity since then as a distinctive traditional Asian art still alive in the city. To find out more about the event, click here.

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