If you’re reading this post, you probably have checked this as a means to find a Halloween costume that you can: do it yourself, quick, easy, and cheap. I compiled this list of 5 costumes that will fit all of those qualities without making you pull out your hair!


1. Mickey Mouse

Hannah’s tutorial is so easy to follow especially with all the clothing that can be easily found anywhere. It’s also quite flexible on how you’d pull it off, as long as you keep those Mickey Mouse ears!


2. Zombie Skull

This make up only tutorial by Promise only needs 4 products, foundation, eyeshow and black and white cream make up. This look is definitely in and more suited for arty types that can experiment. The shading definitely brings it all together.


3. Domo

A Domo costume!! Made out of a paper bag, it is literally out of something made you don’t have to leave your house for. I think this tutorial would be for the die hard thrill seekers that have about an hour or so left before they leave the house.


4. Ninja

This one is great because it is so easy kids and men can use it too. (Sorry guys, I couldn’t find any DIY male costume videos!) The item you need is a simple black t shirt that doesn’t need to be cut up or dyed, but just folded around! Who wouldn’t want to be a ninja?


5. Agnes (Despicable Me), Panda, Red Coat (Pretty Little Liars)

Weylie posted a video tutorial with not one, not two, but THREE in one video. The products are all fairly inexpensive save for the last one, the Panda is my personal favourite.


What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Leave a comment below!