YouTube’s viral power can change a career.  Just look at Andrew Chung’s Millions.  After honing his skills in screenwriting at the Vancouver Film School, Chung laboured for years in both marketing and distribution in Vancouver’s media industry.  But Chung spent time wisely reading scripts of other films and began crafting his own short films, experimenting as director, screenwriter, story editor, as well as full editor.  He even directed a short film for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival called Beauty Heart Story.

In 2013, Chung created Millions, originally conceived as a 9-episode web series about of a group of twenty-somethings that embark on a dangerous but ambitious journey to become millionaires.  Originally conceived as a TV pilot, Millions evolved into a feature film after a successful Kickstarter campaign.  And now it’s screening at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival.


Millions revolves around a group of twenty-somethings who carry through a pact that they made as teenagers: to become millionaires by the age of thirty.   Brandon and his lifelong friends, Deron, Mary, Charlie, Jay, and Eddie all work mediocre 9 to 5 jobs, existentially wasting their nights away wandering the streets. Then one day Eddie dies in a horrible car accident – which changes everything.


Brandon is determined not to waste his life or those of his friends any longer.  He persuades the rest of the group to join him in becoming the millionaires they once promised each other they’d be.   Easy money pours in, and they are subsumed in their new found riches with parties, cars, and power.


Making fast money comes with its costs though. As their plans go from creative businesses to illegal ventures, greed and corruption slowly tear apart the group.   As friendships and loyalties stretching to their logical conclusion, Brandon confronts his a nightmare far worst than his own.   Millions will be playing at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in 2013, stay tuned for more updates at AX3, proud community partners of this seventeenth annual film festival.


Screening details:
Closing Film: Millions | Sunday Nov 10, 2013 at 7:45 PM

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