Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the new Pokemon handheld games Pokemon X and Y have been generating worldwide buzz becoming the most preordered game on Amazon Japan and breaking sale records.

The simultaneous release of the games today had people lining up and also caused the Nintendo EShop to crash. Rest assured, everything is fine now.



The latest game features many new things such as the very first 3D Pokemon game for the 3DS, the new “Fairy” type, of course new starters, and what I believe is the coolest thing – getting to ride on Pokemon!! The Pokemon Bank is a new service where you can store your Pokemon in private boxes on the Internet for a fee even if you happen to lose your game (but let’s hope that won’t happen to you).

Another neat thing is Mega Evolution, think of it as a Pokemon Super Saiyan form. Previewed mega evolutions are Charizard X and Charizard Y, which look really different from what I knew Charizard as as a child…



A huge plus for me was a throwback to Pokemon Yellow, when you could feel how your Pikachu was feeling. Using the touchscreen feature, you can now pet your Pokemon with Pokemon-Amie which can improve their skills in battle and friendliness. Who can resist doing this all day long?



Now I have to ask what are you most excited about for Pokemon X and Y?


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