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Last month, we reviewed three yummy Japanese snacks (Pocky, Hi-Chew and Neru Neru DIY Candy Kit) and one of our happy readers took home the snack pack by entering our giveaway on Instagram – all thanks to Oyatsu Cafe ( an online one-stop shop for your Japanese snack cravings)! We’re back again this time to review 6 different Japanese snacks and we’re giving it away to you awesome readers again! Enter our giveaway via Instagram, (scroll down for details)!

AX3 Snack Pack Giveaway August

Last month’s winner, Gladys, posted the snack pack on her Instagram!

Thismonth, we received some awesome snacks (especially if you’re a OnePiece fan!), from soft candy, mints to DIY Octopus Kit all the way from Chiba, Japan. This snack pack is bound to give you a happy sugar high. By being our loyal reader, you get to receive a 15% off your total order price by entering coupon codeAX3BATTERY” at Oyatsu Cafe!

1) Meiji Cream Caramel: 

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This is one of the classics of soft candy. It’s is called “Seika Cream Caramels” and they are soft in texture with a sweet creamy caramel flavour. Apparently this is a popular traditional Japanese box and the package design has not changed for many years. For you vintage fans, this packaging is a must to collect!

2) Asahi (Mintia Caffeinated Dry Hard Mints): 

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Little did I know that Asahi (Japanese Beer company) produces mints! Mintia is a popular brand of Japanese mints that provides a powerful and tasty flavour. This Dry Hard flavor gives you a punch of mint on your tongue and can give you a boost of energy on a sleepy study day like we have now in Raincouver. 50 sugarless mints in a slick compact case – get your mint on.

  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Taste: 4/5 (For those who likes super strong mint flavours!)
  • Creativity: 2/5
  • Where to buy

3) Coris Whistle Candy (Grape Flavour):



Nostalgic candy this is! Remember these candy where you can blow into it and make a whistle sound? Each pack also contains a bonus prize toy as shown below. Although catered to small kids, we are all kids in our hearts…right?

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It’s a spinning TOP!

4) One Piece Illust Gum & Poster:


For those who don’t know yet, One Piece is a widely known Japanese shounen manga series that has taken the world by storm ever since the late 2000’s when Eiichiro Oda‘s manga series turned into an anime in 1999. This box actually contains an officially licensed 15 by 45 cm poster featuring a popular One Piece character along with 5 pieces of Illust gum.  The gum, I can’t say much about because it really tastes rather bland, but I think the poster is pretty EPIC. Which one will you get?

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5) One Piece Puccho with Trading Card:

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This is one of the cutest packaged and designed candy I’ve encountered yet. This re-sealable bag from UHA contains a handful of individually wrapped soft candy (puchho) that is very similar in texture to Hi-Chew. Each of the candy represents a “comic” version of the characters in “One Piece”!

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The “Puchho” candies come with a burst of “Ramune soda” powder with green apple gummy candy embed inside it. What’s included in the bag is also a limited edition “trading card” starring a comic version of One Piece! One card in each bag, collect all 10 of them!


6) Dodotto Tsubupyon Soda – Octopus Ball Gummies:


Similar to the DIY candy ramune soda ball stick last month, Oyatsu Cafe sent us another one of these DIY kits for us to play with and this time it features a cute Octopus edition! This pack contains 2 powder packs and by mixing water and stirring it alike, you can squirt water to make little gummy balls! See photo as shown:

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If you’d like to give these snacks a try, enter with the following easy steps:

  • Head over to AX3 Battery’s Instagram and find the contest post
  • Leave a comment on which snack you want to try from Oyatsu Cafe and tag one of your IG friends who you’d like to share the snacks with.
  • One happy winner will be selected on Sat, Sept 28th 12:00 p.m. 

No purchase necessary. Limited to Vancouver, BC residents only please.

Thank you to Oyatsu Cafe for the snacks once again! This online store has plenty of cool Japanese snacks and candy such as Green Tea, ramen and your favourite Pocky/Pretz rare flavours! Enter coupon code “AX3BATTERY” to receive 15% off your total order price! Stay tuned for more snack pack reviews and you might win the next one!