It’s only been a day since Nintendo officially announced the release of their new 2DS console, and it sure sounded like an extremely early April Fools joke. But apparently 2 years ago an actual April Fools joke predicted Nintendo’s latest handheld gaming experience.

An article coupled with the above image on RF Generation stated:

“Folks, be ready to be amazed. Not shortly after Nintendo released the Nintendo 3DS, they have dropped another bombshell. It’s soon to be the age of the Nintendo 2DS.
Face it, 3D was so 2010. You know that, I know that, and certainly Nintendo knows that. That’s why we have been graced by this announcement. The Nintendo 2DS offers to provide the best that a 2D Dot Matrix can provide,”

Though their concept matched the shape of what Nintendo released yesterday, the original Gameboy aesthetic is something I wouldn’t mind paying for!

So will you be getting a 2DS in October?

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