I actually can’t remember how I came to know about YouTube. I guess it was just something that floated around, with its promise that there’d be entertaining content made by regular people from all around the world.

What I do remember however, are the people I used to watch! My top 6 list includes: Kevin Wu of KevJumba, Ryan Higa of NigaHiga, Gabe Bondoc, Cathy Nguyen of Lilcdawg and Natalie Tran of CommunityChannel. These folks acted as my gateway to other YouTube creatives and demonstrated just how close you could feel to a person despite them being just a face on your computer screen.

Life was simpler. When the standard vlog set up was a bedroom with unreliable lighting and all you needed was a regular camcorder or point and shoot.

So let’s get nostalgic and rewind to 5/6 years ago to watch the videos from when they were mere YouTube-kins, you know, before they blew up or disappeared! (We’re looking at you, Natalie!)

Just kidding, please come back.

Wow! Check out the pixelation on these video thumbnails!

  1. AJ Rafael ( ) Meg & Dia Medley, released Sept 10 2006
    I remember being so in awe of his musicality, especially when he played the piano. My favourite video from him remains and forever will be the tetris theme song.
  2. Gabe Bondoc ( Suitcases and Travel Bags (snippet), released Sept 16 2006
    His voice was the first voice I’ve ever fallen in love with and just as I was in awe of AJ whenever he played piano, I was the same with Gabe when he played his guitar. So, so talented.
  3. Natalie Tran ( released Sept 25 2006
    I actually can’t recall ever watching this video until now… awkward. Regardless, I miss the days when she posted regularly because what I can recall was laughing hysterically at her COMPLETELY RELATABLE scenarios and just repeating, YES, SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME in front of my computer. Good times.
  4. Kevin Wu ( backyard, released Feb 5 2007
    This was when Kev liked to show us his dancing. We’re glad it’s something that he still carries on. By the way, what ever did he mean by the Minstrel show?
  5. Ryan Higa ( How to Be Ninja, released July 25 2007
    It’s mandatory that anyone who’s ever heard of Ryan Higa should know about this video. No exceptions.
  6. Cathy Nguyen ( getting stronger –  adeaze, released Dec 10 2007
    Check out a cover recorded a shady hallway! And oh my goodness, whatever happened to Randolph Permejo?

Which youtuber did you watch from the very start?