Have you heard of the 5’6” Chinese model with big aspirations for a career in Japan?

That would be Anna Kay (叶熙祺), and she wants to become a recognized face in the Japanese market.

A graduate of the Central Academy of China, China’s premier dramatic arts university, she is very clear about her career ambitions: to pursue acting and singing.

The 25 year old has appeared in a Shiseido commercial, modelled for women’s magazine CanCam, and released a single called “Duan Yi Tianshi (Broken Winged Angel)”. The single was ranked in Hong Kong’s Golden Melody chart. She has since released other singles, including “Meet LOVING YOU” and “Expect”.

Popularly known as “The Queen of Cute” for her alluring big eyes, Anna’s voice is just as alluring when she is singing.

With the perfect combination of beautiful looks and voice, she just might be a “broken winged angel” from heaven. What do you think?

Enjoy the pictures below!

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