JR Aquination, Aquinators (someone comment below and tell me what you’re called!?) Who’s already on their 100th watch? To fill in the rest of you, today was the day that youtuber, JR Aquino, finally released his music video for the lead single off his album! Filmed and edited by Andrew Rose, the song is set against various Las Vegas backdrops- a desolate desert, the shiny city lights. At first glace, it’s an infectious pop song however with lyrics like, “You’re scared of what you don’t know/ The places you fear the most inside your heart you can’t control,” you can begin to understand its deeper meaning. The song was co-written by JR Aquino and Jesse Barrera (who also produced the song/album!)

This Time Around may resonate with those of you looking towards that brighter day, its encouraging message layered with a beat that induces heavy side-to-side sways makes this JR Aquino song an instant hit… at least this time around. (ha…ha…) The song is available on iTunes which you can purchase here!